International Mail Art Call

Simultaneous Exhibition in Rennes (France) and Cura Malal (Argentina)
2012 International Solidarity week

The MIR, Corral de Piedra and the artist Helena Gath invite you to participate to the Mail Art exhibitions that will take place simultaneously in France at the gallery of the MIR, Maison Internationale de Rennes, and in Argentina at La Tranca of Cura Malal during the International Solidarity Week, 2012, 17-25th November.

Support: artistic envelope
Technique and size free
No fee, No return, No jury, No criticism
Enjoy it!

Deadline 15th 31st October 2012

Send a MailArt envelope to :

Helena Gath, Mail Art Project 2012
Maison Internationale de Rennes (MIR)
7 Quai Chateaubriand
35000 Rennes (Bretagne)
& to:
Corral de Piedra
El aromo y el fresno, 
Cura Malal (7548), 
prov. De Buenos Aires

2012, 17th November To 25th November
Locations :
Galerie de la Maison Internationale de Rennes, Bretagne, France and
La Tranca de Cura Malal, Buenos Aires, Argentina

All works and list of participants will be uploaded in internet.
All works received will remain property of the archive of Corral de Piedra, Cura Malal, Argentina and Helena Gath and the MIR, Bretagne, France

Thank you for participate and share this proyect !

The MIR "Maison Internationale de Rennes" is an association that has signed a convention with the city of Rennes and seeks to fulfil its different missions in the context of its own policy project, represented by four keywords: peace, democracy, culture and fraternity. 

"Corral de Piedra" is an artistic-cultural, open and participatory project to develop activities in rural area of Cura Malal (Province of Buenos Aires) and generate new experiences that stimulate the creative sensibility by contemplating the landscape and in relation to the nature of the place. The project is organized by artists Mercedes Resch and Fernando García Delgado.

“Helena Gath has this characteristic impertinence of those artists who dig out treasures from the collective inconscient labyrinths, to bring scattered elements back, awakening these or those fugacious but essential memories, decisive...” (L. Florian)

After her artistic residence in Cura Malal (Argentina), in April 2012, Helena Gath wanted to share that nice creative and human experience in Rennes, France, where she’s now living. She contacted the MIR with whom she imagined to exhibit more than the artwork created, the fruits of her residence by organising a Mail Art Project with Corral de Piedra of Cura Malal and the MIR... This double exhibition with take place simultaneously in France and Argentina during the International Solidarity Week, from 17th to 24th november, 2012.

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